The most overwhelming and exhilarating thing about theatre is the vastness of its mystery.  It is an art where it is impossible to know everything, where the more you know the less you understand.  It is a field with no answers, only possibilities; it is the playground of “what if.”  It is the highest of the arts: the synthesis of expression where voice, body, mind, and spirit weave universe


I will strive to create theatre that “takes you there,” where the audience can be transported from their lives and folded into ours.  An artist’s greatest tool is laughter; it lubricates the uncomfortable, conveys eternal truths, and delights the soul; so humor should always be sought and embraced.      I find beauty in minimalism; it allows the artist and the audience to embrace imagination.   Theatre is physical; the body should be engaged and used in unorthodox and exiting ways, so varied methods of rehearsal and production are essential. Like all art, theatre must be timely, but it is also weighted by a rich history and tradition that must be respected, honored, and explored

Above all, I will...

                               Always welcome new approaches and philosophies. 

                               Ask questions but refrain from answering. 

                               Remember I am but one part of a whole. 

                               Be honest but not obtrusive. 

                               Be the best artist I can be.

                               Live for the moment.

                               Create joy.



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